director + editor + cinematographer

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In 2006 I honorably left the US Navy to pursue an education in the arts.  Recently, I graduated from the San Diego State University film program.  I left the Navy honorably in 2006 and wanted to pursue my childhood hobby.  Now I work doing what I love sometimes for pay, sometimes for free.  I married Adriane in 2009 and have been growing with her ever since.  There are many qualities about me.  Here are just a few.

I am a story-teller first and foremost. 

I have many tools in my bag.

I work with many types of people and desire to work with more.

I share knowledge and welcome knowledge.

I love movies.  Even the crap ones. ( The Asylum )

I am an outdoorsy person.

I am afraid of a few things, but mostly Zombies.

I like to own my own equipment and rent as little as possible.

I love Star Wars.

I have many ideas that I want to show you.

I own an authentic Indiana Jones hat that I wear regularly.

I like geocaching.

I use a flashlight that came from an M16 machine gun.

I still enjoy some HD DVD’s over Blu Ray.

There are many more things that make me who I am.  Go ahead and ask me anything you want.